School Officiating Courses


Baseball Example

 WEEK 1 

Introduction to the class 

Why I want to be an umpire 

Walk the field 

Module 1 (33:49)-Definitions 

Module 2 (37:16)-Players, Field, and Equipment 

Definitions Assessment Equipment identification 

Legal vs. Illegal equipment 

 WEEK 2 

Module 3 (38:22)-Substituting, Coaching, Bench & Field Conduct & Charged Conferences Understanding the line-up card 

Legal vs. Illegal substitutions 

Module 4 (15:16)-Starting and ending game 

Module 5 (32:13)-Dead Ball, Suspension of Play 

 WEEK 3 

Module 6 (22:35)-Pitching 

Identifying Pitches 

Calling balls, strikes, fouls 


Module 7 (20:46) Batting Module 8 (41:27)-Baserunning 

Field time to see these things in action! 

 WEEK 4 

Module 9 (19:27)-Scoring, Record Keeping 

Score a game activity 

Module 10 (15:06) Umpiring 

Module 11 (32:51)-Two person Mechanics 

Guest Speaker-Local Umpire 

Field Time 

 WEEK 5 

Upcoming test review/using the NFHS rule/case books 

Baseball Licensing test 

Plan for working 2 local youth games 

Reflection paper focusing on: Philosophy of game, Empathy for officiating, Values & qualities learned from umpiring. 

Celebrate achievements 

 Course Offering Opportunity

Intro to Sports Officiating Stand-alone offering per TEA: Team Sports Officiating 

PEIMS Code: N11600012 Abbreviation: TEAMOFF

Implemented within: Foundations of Personal Fitness Team Sports/Individual Sports 

  Do you have any additional questions about how to implement this course in your organization? Please contact or call Chance @ 254-640-4300

Welcome to Sports Officiating education. Please fill out the form below, as thoroughly as possible, to enroll your school to offer our NFHS & NCAA endorsed course! Once the form has been submitted our team will provide you with a pricing estimate for your review.

Schools/organizations are required to purchase one seat license per learner per sport course. For example, 20 learners, studying three sport courses each, requires 60 seat licenses.

Each seat comes equipped with a whistle or umpire indicator.

$95 per

10 seats = $950.00

Unused seat licenses do NOT expire annually and will remain available as credit(s) on your account until consumed by any learner you designate. A seat license is considered "consumed" once the learner completes the first module in any sport course for which they are registered.

Learners maintain access to the completed sport module(s) for as long as their account stays active, even after they graduate from your school or program! 

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